Want to be the first to shop and grab the best deals?  Be a volunteer & enjoy exclusive perks!  Choose a volunteer option that works best for you!


Volunteer Q & A

Why would I want to volunteer?
To shop FIRST! Volunteers shop prior to any other group. Volunteer shop times are based on the number of hours you volunteer. See volunteer page for details.

What do volunteers do?
Volunteer tasks include, but are not limited to, putting inventory on racks & tables, organizing, checking receipts at door, and cleaning up. We always ask our pregnant volunteers what they would like to do and keep their safety in mind.   We do not allow pregnant volunteers to lift items. Light to medium lifting is required for all other volunteers.

Can my kids come with me?
For safety reasons, NO CHILDREN are allowed when you are volunteering.  The ONLY exception… infants who can be in a body carrier while you work. Please note that this will limit the tasks you are able to do.

How do I sign up?
Click on “Volunteer Sign Up” on the volunteer page of the website. You choose which shifts you want from a list online. It’s easy!

How many hours must I work?
You pick how many hours you want to work. See Volunteer Requirements link.

What do I do if I can’t make a shift?
Text Brenda, 334-221-6339, ASAP to make up your shift.
If you do not complete your total hours originally scheduled you will not be able to volunteer with us in the future.  Your commission will reflect actual hours worked.

What do volunteers wear to work?
Comfy clothes and shoes! We will provide a Mom’s Marketplace apron for you to wear. There is no air conditioning or heat in the building.

What do I do to show up to work?
Go to the “sign in” area.  Ask where you are needed and someone will direct you.

Please… NO CELL PHONE USAGE while you are volunteering.  We want to assist shoppers and not be distracted.