Tagging Instructions


Mom’s Marketplace reserves the right to reject items and to pull off the floor any items we find unsuitable. We also reserve the right to not accept items that we consider to be excessively overpriced. As stated in the consignor agreement that you sign during the registration process, Moms Marketplace is not responsible for lost goods, for damaged goods, for stolen goods or any acts of God (ex: tornado, damaging winds etc.). that may affect the items that you have consigned.

We do implement security measures to mitigate loss.

Returning Consignors, has your email address changed?  Please update on your account login profile.

Supplies You Will Need

  1. White card stock, approx. 65# weight (no colors, no glitter, no pearlized) WHITE ONLY!
  2. Hangers (metal or plastic)
  3. Medium and Large size safety pins (no tiny ones)
  4. Scotch/Magic Tape
  5. Clear Packing Tape
  6. Zip Ties or String
  7. Clear Wrap (Saran/Cling/Shrink)
  8. Ziploc type baggies

We do not suggest tagging guns.  It slows the checkout process on busy days.



  • Do NOT Procrastinate!  The tagging system automatically closes 5 days prior to the sale.
  • Do not alter the size of the printed tag. Bar Code scanning system is connected to this tag.  We will not  sell your item if you alter the size of the tag.  The barcode scanner will not operate on altered tags.
  • Do not have any handwritten information on the tag
  • You must make a choice to discount/donate when you make the tag. We cannot change your tags.  No handwriting the word discount on the tag. The computer must read it from the bar code.
  • If you are going to donate, it makes sense to also choose discount.

What You May Sell

CLOTHING – Children’s sizes Newborn to Size 20, Juniors & Maternity

NO pageant or prom attire.

LIMITS: Maternity clothing-12 PIECES ONLY- strictly enforced

Junior Girls Clothing-12 PIECES ONLY- strictly enforced


     USE NUMBER SIZES FOR ALL CLOTHINGNewborn, 3 MO, etc. through Size 18 for all children’s clothing

  • A good way to determine size is by asking yourself “what size/age was my child wearing when they wore this?” or look at an online clothing chart.

 Exception: Maternity & Girls Juniors- – may use X-Small, Small, Medium, Large & X-Large


  • SPRING sale: You may sell warm weather clothing such as shorts, T-shirts, short sleeve dresses, Easter outfits, swim suits, light weight sweaters & jackets, etc. The only long pants for this Spring Sale is denim blue jeans & Khaki pants.
  • FALL sale: You may sell cool weather clothing such as long pants, long sleeve shirts, dresses, coats, Halloween costumes and outfits, Christmas outfits. If your short sleeve shirts are dark fall colors, you may sell them.
    • We highly recommend ironing any items that need it. They will sell better.
    • Take the time to wash clothing prior to dropping off to us.
    • We will reject items with smoke or pet odors, a musty smell, stains, holes, missing buttons or other missing parts.
    •  Place garment on hanger with the hanger hook pointing to the left and the garment facing you. Place the tag on the right-as if it were over your heart when wearing the item.
    • Pants may be hung on shirt hangers by safety pinning them to the top wire of the hanger. Do not use plastic clip style skirt/pants hangers-they break too easily resulting in your items laying on the floor. Metal clip style skirt/pants hangers work well.
    • We will reject 3 letter monogrammed clothing.
    • Because we limit shoes, we will be very selective about condition. Please only bring shoes that are in excellent condition.
    • Secure each pair of shoes together with a string, ribbon or zip ties. Zip ties work best.
    • Use a safety pin to secure your tag to the string, ribbon, shoe lace or zip tie.
    • Next, put a piece of masking tape on the bottom of each shoe with your consignor number on it. Many, many shoes are separated during the sale and we cannot sell them.
    • Do not put shoes in Ziploc bags.
  • EQUIPMENT- Strollers, High Chairs, Exersaucers, Bouncy Seats, Play gyms, Bikes, Scooters, Playhouses, Swings, Walkers, Climbers, Slides, Picnic Tables and more!
    • Thoroughly clean and check they are in proper operating condition. Broken or items with missing parts are not accepted.
    • Check for properly working batteries. Items with dead batteries not accepted.
    • Safety pin tag to fabric area. Or, choose scotch tape to attach to plastic area.
    • You may sell booster seats with straps.  (If straps are missing, we will reject the item)
    • Wash any fabric parts to the equipment-your items will sell better clean!
  • ACCESSORIES- Hats, socks, bows, belts, ties, bibs, burp cloths, nursing items, boppy pillows, bottles, etc.
    • Items need to be clean.
    • Only NEW underwear/panties in unopened packages
    • Only NEW pacifiers and bottle nipples in unopened packages.
    • Only NEW nursing pads in unopened packages.
    • Pre-loved baby bottles (nipples removed) may be consigned.
    • Accessories appropriate to current season. Ex: no Christmas bibs at the Spring sale
    • If selling a pair or a grouping, place in a Ziploc bag or secure well with Saran wrap or safety pins and then place the tag on the OUTSIDE of the bag with scotch tape.
    • We will reject items with smoke or pet odors, a musty smell, stains, holes, missing buttons or other missing parts.
    • We do not accept children’s jewelry.
    • No breast pumps.
    • Only NEW cloth diapers in unopened packages.
  • TOYS– (Games, Puzzles & books have their own category)
    • Toys need to be clean and have working batteries – no rust, no peeling paint.
    • Check for recalled items on the toy manufacture’s website.
    • Toys with multiple pieces MUST be placed in clear Ziploc bags or thoroughly shrink wrapped together. We will reject multiple piece toys only secured by tape.  Multiple pieces in cardboard boxes do not sell well, because a buyer cannot “see” them.
    • Place tag on outside of toy or bag/wrap with a single piece of scotch tape.
    • The only stuffed animals accepted are those with batteries.
    • We accept DVD’s – We will reject VCR tapes, cassettes, and CD’s.
    • We will reject any toys missing any parts or pieces.
    • “Grab bags” of toys and those from Happy Meals are not accepted.
    • Secure tag to the BACK of your book with tape.  Please cover up the original publisher’s barcode.
    • Secure multiple books together with crisscrossed string or crisscrossed rubber bands. Place tag on the string or rubber bands.
    • Puzzles and games with multiple pieces must be sealed in Ziploc bags or Saran Wrap.
    • We accept DVD’s – We will reject VCR tapes, cassettes, and CD’s.
    • We will reject any games or puzzles missing parts or pieces.
    • Movies and games must be kid/family friendly.
    • Only Newborn through Teen bedding and decor accepted.
    • We will reject 3 letter monogrammed items.
    • Bedding, blankets and sheets must be in zipper style, oversize Ziploc Bags or space saver style bags to prevent from getting dirty or damaged. We will inspect your bedding at drop off so do not use shrink wrap for these items.
    • We will reject items with smoke or pet odors, a musty smell, stains, holes, missing buttons or other missing parts.
    • Place tag on outside of bag with single piece of scotch tape.
    • We will reject soiled, stained or any fabric items with smoke or pet odors.
    • We are not responsible for broken décor items. If you item is particularly fragile, it is best to not sell it.
    • Use scotch tape to affix tag to décor.
  • FURNITURE- Baby & Children’s furniture only
    • Regulation baby beds/cribs only. NO BABY BEDS WITH DROP DOWN SIDES.
    • You may sell changing tables, rockers, dressers, and toddler beds.
    • Furniture must be in gently used condition. No broken drawers or missing parts.
    • Check for recalled items on the furniture manufacture’s website.
    • We will have strong helpers to unload furniture from your vehicle. However, YOU MUST ASSEMBLE ALL OF YOUR OWN ITEMS.