You shop one hour earlier than the general public on opening day!  

Our pre-sale-event is our way of saying congratulations!  If your first child is 18 months or younger or you are pregnant with your first child, you qualify to shop at this exciting event!  With thousands of items from which to shop, you are sure to find everything you will need for your newest addition at a fraction of retail cost!

Here are the important things to remember:

  • You must register for this event (See link below)
  • Be sure to bring a picture ID to the sale.  You may bring your husband, boyfriend, or a proud grandparent with you.  Unfortunately, your sister-in-law and other friends are not allowed to this special pre-sale-event.
  • You may bring your infant. You are required to have 12-18 – month-old children in shopping cart or body carrier while you shop. No strollers are allowed.
  • Since this shopping event is limited to new moms whose first child is 18 months or younger, no older children, no step-children and no children you babysit will be allowed.   Our goal is to have this be a relaxing and fulfilling 1/2 hour for all new moms to shop.